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Spotify Playlists for Independent Artists

Get Your Song on the best Playlists
for Unsigned Artists.

         Start Getting More Streams

Start getting more streams on your track, generating more money & start getting your music out there and the recognition you deserve.

         Get Your Song Moving

Give your song a push and get it on one of our Spotify Playlists along with some of the biggest unsigned artists around.

         Grow Your Numbers

Grow your Spotify monthly listeners, followers & streams by thousands and start getting your songs picked up by even bigger playlists.

get your song to spotify playlists

How does it work?


Choose a Playlist

Choose your option and your playlist.


Submit your Song

Submit your track & details down below.


Get Placed

Your song will be added to the playlist after verification.

Submitted songs must have been produced by MandalazMusic.

Submit Your Song

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